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Undergraduate Program for Music Performance Major


January 6, 2021


一、        培养目标

I. Program Objective



To foster all-round artistic talent of exceptional standard through overall development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding along with a hard-working spirit. Students will acquire integrity and ability, solid and specialized music knowledge, exceptional music-performance skills, excellent humanistic and scientific qualities and an innovation spirit.



The knowledge and skills acquired will satisfy the demand for professional talent by professional art-performance groups, art schools, sociocultural institutions and industries such as arts and technology. Students will be able to adapt to the diverse demands of future sociocultural development.



II. Basic Requirements



Graduates of the Program will acquire knowledge and skills in following areas:



1. Excellent moral character; positive outlooks on the world, life and values; enthusiasm in music; conscientious practice of the core values of socialism; being familiar with the national guiding principles, policies and laws and regulations for literature, arts and education; a favorable psychological quality, healthy physique and positive life attitude;



2. Solid skills for the playing of musical instruments and music performance and singing techniques; skilled performance of solos, duets and ensembles;



3. Understanding of the basic patterns and theory and teaching methods of music education; strong logical thinking and linguistic expressive power and organization-management skills; the fundamental methods for literature and material search; and the development of the discipline along with basic scientific-research skills;



4. Music and cultural knowledge, as well as artistic and cultural cultivation, corresponding to work positions; strong confidence in and a sense of identification with the national culture; the pursuit to pass on and spread traditional Chinese music and culture; the vision to understand the diversity of world music and cultures; and



5. Great professional dedication, teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility; self-study ability and lifelong-learning awareness; innovation spirit and entrepreneurship to continuously explore and adapt to social, economic and cultural development.



III. Program Highlights



In response to the demands of the times and national development and supported by the multidisciplinary and internationalized resources of the Conservatory, the Program is devoted to fostering all-round top artistic talent with a solid foundation and diverse caliber, so as to satisfy the realistic talent needs of the new social, economic, cultural and business development.



The Program aspires to improve students’ performance skills and appreciation for aesthetics and focuses on academic exchanges with top-flight art schools at home and abroad, so the artistic outlook of students may be broadened. While reinforcing skill training, the Program also gives full play to the different disciplines at the Conservatory to continuously enhance the cultural and scientific attainments of students. The cross-disciplinary project-based learning programs of the extracurricular activities will cultivate the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills of students. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to study towards a double degree by minoring in a different discipline. In addition to expanding the career development of students of music major, a staggered development of a professional conservatory and a teacher-training school is achieved in terms of talent cultivation.



IV. Main Subjects



Music and Dancing



V. Program Length and Degree



Program length: Four years


Program degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts



VI. Course Hours and Credits



Minimal credit requirements for the degree (including curriculum structure and concentrated practical-teaching sessions): 150



Credits from other courses may not be used to offset or replace those of specialized foundation courses and specialized core courses. 



Minimal credit requirements for the degree from extracurricular activities: 5